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Handmade Home Decor, Accessories & Sandals

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Do you appreciate quality handmade products?

Have you been imagining an unique decorative mirror covering the wall in your bedroom? 

Have you ever thought that there is too much to be deciphered through the wooden carvings that are completely abstract in design?

Have you been looking at the colors of intricate craftsmanship in a complete amazement for many hours, unaware of everything around you? 

Then we have an irresistible collection at The Minkk Shop that you must check out.

Specializing in handmade home décor, accessories, sandals and flip-flops, we excel in our decorative and unique pieces which stand out amongst the rest. There is a varied range of collection to fit in each room and practically each corner of your house. The designs are elegant and contemporary, and yet, you can feel the modern tone complementing the art.

Starting with the candle holders, made with tin and hand painted on, each is different from another and is worth a look of appreciation when you place it on your living room table.

Our wall mirrors collection comes in many sizes. These designer mirrors are based on the nature and animals as the main themes. These can go anywhere on your wall, the hall, the drawing room, the living room or the bedroom. You may even hang one on the front door to welcome the guests in a spiritual way!

The next is the fantastic collection of accessories. There are varieties of beautiful bracelets, necklaces and hair sticks. The authentic designs in wood with the asymmetrical and symmetrical patterns are amazing. The precision in the work is something you may not find very easily.

The next on the list is the wide collection of sandals and flip-flops. Sophistication and durability can be seen together in each pair. There are separate styles for both men and women, and the stitching and the look promise comfort. The variety in the design is eye catching and yet very elegant. These are the handmade sandals and can sustain all the landscapes for an unimaginable span of time.

Also look at the wood carvings that we are really good at. The precise crafting is unique. There is everything ranging from very small household items and containers to the very large statues. The authenticity in the work can be seen in the fine details. The various pieces belong to various cultures, and we bring the art from across the seas to you through our wooden crafts.

Our new inclusion is the collection of wonderful paintings with very distinguished appearances. Some of these are for Feng Shui, luck and prosperity. You may own these or gift to your loved ones. It may be the perfect present to the Feng Shui believers. A few of the selected pieces are the abstract art forms and painting of sea and waves, excellent for surfer and beach lovers. The bright colors are very appealing. These rare paintings will go equally well in your house or in your office.

Have a look at our site, where these authentic and excellently crafted items are available at throw away prices. These can be the main part of your decoration with designer crafts purchased at negligible prices. Scroll through the pages to see what else!!